Minnesota Report

Last evening, we had the privilege to have a conversation with Sen Tom Bakk (I-03, Cook). The first question we asked, was are you running for reelection, to which he said, “I might run for Governor, but I haven’t decided.” We followed, but what about reelection? He said, “I am waiting for the final maps to be released, and anyone who decides to run without know what the district looks like, is foolish.”

Then we discussed the Bonding Bill, and he reiterated his positions broadly circulated about support differed maintenance and support for state institutions, but was quick to say, “If the House starts at $3.7 billion and plans to go up, I can assure you, we won’t being seeing a $3.7 billion bill or anything close to it.”

He also said, Capital Investment hearing will not commence until late March, “Since the Bonding Bill is the last consideration, there isn’t any hurry.”

We expect, the February Revenue Forecast is an additional consideration, he is awaiting.