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It’s the last day of the legislative session, and a pallor of a cloudy sky sets the stage for the day. Few of the Capitol observers believe there will be a compromise and this legislation session will end and if there is to be any tangible progress for this year, it will require some movement from both sides.

We have seen Speaker of the House Melissa Hortman (DFL-36, Brooklyn Park) and House Capital Investment Committee Chair Fue Lee (DFDL-59A, Minneapolis) carrying paper over to meet with Senate Capital Investment Chair Tom Bakk (I-03, Cook). We keep waiting to hear about different conference committee progress. Right now, the Taxes Conference Committee is meeting and they are passing principals, but the bill will not be closed as per Tax Committee Chair Paul Marquart (DFL-04B, Dilworth). Health and Human Services is still pending, all we have heard is HHS is mostly passing policy. Education is quite problematic, and since their are implications from this bill and requirements in the Tax Bill, much is up in the air. Senator Jeremy Miller (R-14, Winona) can be seen walking the halls, but he gives little indication of the direction things are heading.

We think the concept of Managing Failure, might be a fine synopsis.

5:15 pm

Here are the agreed to Tax Principles.

We overhead a major committee chair state the belief there will be a Special Session.