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Senate Seats

 Number of Incumbents Paired: 22

Number of Open Seats: 12

DFL v. DFL: 2

Republican v. Republican: 4

DFL v. Republican: r=t

Recent announcements are, Sen Mary Kiffmeyer (R-30, Big Lake) is retiring, Rep Eric Lucero (R-30B, Dayton) is running for Senate District 34, and Rep Steve Drazkowski (R-21B, Mazeppa) is running for Senate District 20.

Now that the maps are out, incumbents view their pairing in a clear light. There are eleven open Senate seats, seats with inter-party pairing, where one person is not running and in others where no candidate has declared their intentions. Since there are five Republican pairing, this map favors the DFL in this regard, but the positioning of the open seats will have the final determination.

The filing period for the legislature starts May 17, and ends May 31, 2022. The Republican State Convention is May 13-14, 2022. In Rochester and the DFL State Convention is May 20-22, 2022 also in Rochester.

Sen Kent Eken (DFL) & Sen Mark Johnson (R) no contest in Senate District 01, Eken moved last year and now lives in Norman County and in the open Senate District 04.

Sen Paul Utke (R) & Sen Paul Gazelka (R) match-up in Senate District 05, but with Gazelka running for Governor this face-off could be resolved by filing time.

Sen Carrie Ruud (R) & Sen Justin Eichorn (R) are paired in Senate District 06, Ruud moved to Breezy Point in 2002 when she was redistricted that election.

Sen Torrey Westrom (R) & Sen Bill Ingebrigsten are matched in Senate District 09, but Ingebrigsten is not running.

Sen Julie Rosen (R) & Sen Rich Draheim (R) no contest in Senate District 22 Rosen is retiring.

Sen Gene Dornick (R) & Sen Carla Nelson (R) are in an intra-party problem in Senate District 24, as a freshman, Dornick has the lesser hand, and with Nelson having the more populace are of western Rochester, she has the upper hand.

Sen Jim Abler (R) & Sen Jerry Newton (DFL) are paired in Senate District 35b, but Newton is not running.

Sen John Marty (DFL) & Sen Jason Isaacson (DFL) have an intra-party conflict in Senate District 40b, but there is a close proximity open seat, due to Sen Chuck Wiger’s announced retirement in Senate District 44 just across the freeway from Isaacson’s district in Shoreview.

Sen Karla Bigham (DFL) & Sen Karin Housley (R) drawn together in Senate District 41 no contest Housley resides in Senate District 42.

Sen Mike Osmek (R) & Sen Ann Johnson Stewart are positioned to face-off in Senate District 45.

Sen Melisa Lopez Franzen (DFL) & Sen Ron Latz (DFL) are conflicted in Senate District 46

Open Seats

Here is the list of open seats, which might be attractive to any of the pairing above, but also to others seeking political opportunities. In fact, we have already learn of an ardent Tim Walz supporter from his campaign Clare Oumou Verbeten (DFL) is seeking the Senate District 66 open seat.

Senate District 02

Senate District 04

Senate District 12

Senate District 23

Senate District 30

Senate District 31

Senate District 33

Senate District 42

Senate District 44

Senate District 50

Senate District 58

Senate District 66


House Seats

 Number of Incumbents Paired: 44

Number of Open Seats: 24

Democrat v. Democrat: 7

Republican v. Republican: 11

Democrat v. Republican: 4

Rep Steve Green (R) & Rep Matt Bliss (R) are paired in District 2B

Rep Spencer Igo & Rep Julie Sandstede (DFL) may test the power of Grand Rapids v. Hibbing in District 7A for an intra-party fight, or Sandstede could opt for a Senate bid should Sen David Tomassoni (I) retire.

Rep Jeff Backer (R) & Jordan Rassmusson (R) match-up in District 09A. The question is will experience and guile overcome youth and exuberance?

Rep Ron Kresha & Rep Dale Lueck (R) are set to contest for District 10A

Rep Tim Miller (NR) & Rep Dave Baker (R) is no contest in District 16B, because Miller is not seeking reelection.

Rep Joel Schomaker (R)& Rep Rod Hamilton (R) is another no contest in District 21A, because Hamilton is not running.

Rep Patty Bennett (R) & Bjorn Olson is an intra-party square-off in District 23A.

Rep Niels Pierson (R) & Rep Tina Liebling (DFL) reflect the changes in the Rochester area in District 24B.

Rep Kurt Daudt (R) & Rep Sondra Erickson (R) this match-up in District 27B, provides some with glee, because each has their supporters and detractors.

Rep Peggy Scott (R) & Rep Cal Bahr (NR) no contest in District 31B Bahr is running for Senate in Senate District 31.

Rep Nolan West (R) & Rep Don Raleigh (R) this contest may help define the northern suburbs in District 32B.https://www.gis.lcc.mn.gov/redist2020/Legislative/L2022/senate/maps/45.pdf

Rep Zach Stephenson (DFL) & Rep John Heinrich (R) this face-off might not happen in District 35A, *Correction, Stephenson contacted us and stated, he has lived in the same house for 11-years and will be running for reelection in 35A..

Rep Jerry Hertaus (R) & Kristin Robbins (R) another defining race in the northern suburbs in District 37A.

Rep Connie Bernardy (DFL) & Rep Sandra Fiest (DFL) will show the power of seniority v. fresh perspective and Columbia Heights v. New Brighton in District 39B.

Rep Mike Frieberg (DFL) & Rep Ryan Winkler (DFL) no contest in District 43B, because Winkler is running for Hennepin County Attorney.

Rep Pete Fisher (DFL) & Rep Leon Lillie (DFL) are matched in District 44A

Rep Kelly Morrison (DFL) & Rep Patti Acomb (DFL) are a pitched pair in District 45B

Rep Greg Boe (R) & Rep Jim Nash (R) are a forced fight in District 48A

Rep Andrew Carlson (DFL) & Rep Steve Elkins (DFL) have a confrontation in District 50B unless one blinks.

Rep Ruth Richardson (DFL) & Rep Liz Reyer (DFL) will help determine the face of the DFL District 52B.

Rep Keith Franke (R) & Rep Rick Hansen (DFL) will determine the party strength of the southern suburbs in District 53B.

Rep Frank Hornstein (DFL) & Rep Jamie Long (DFL) will show what a Minneapolis/Southern Suburb seat looks like and where the center of power resides in District 61B.


Open Seats


District 05B

District 06A

District 09B

District 10B

District 17A

District 21B

District 25A

District 30A

District 31A

District 32A

District 35B

District 36B

District 41A

District 42A

District 44B

District 45A

District 46A

District 48B

District 51B

District 53A

District 57B

District 59B

District 65A

District 66A