Minnesota Report

Well, the political play-offs begin in earnest today. We know the cast of characters set to take the field. The vast number of legislative retirements, 55, is not the largest ever seen, but quite significant, when including staff retirements, the amount of institutional knowledge leaving is over 500 years and we must be honest, it will take many years to backfill.

So, let’s look at the pending battles.

For Congress, there are contests in 1st, 4th, 5th 7th and 8th Districts.

1st (Open Seat)

DFL-Endorsed Candidate for the August 9th General Election and now the August 9th Primary, Hormel Executive Jeff Ettinger is challenged by George H Kalberer and James Rainwater we don’t expect much of a contest here, and it is worth noting the field is far smaller than those seeking the seat in the Special Election.

On the Republican side. The GOP Endorsee former state Representative Brad Finstad, will compete with state Representative Jeremy Munson, and Matt Benda.

In the 4th, (McCollum Seat) incumbent Congresswoman Betty McCollum faces an upstart candidate in the ilk of the Democratic Socialists in Amane Badhasso, and an unknown candidate Fasil Moghul.

The is a Republican Primary which will not matter in the end which has opportunities for Gene Rechtzigel, Jerry Silver or May Lor Xiong to fall to McCollum and become political footnotes.

In the 5th, (Omar Seat) the incumbent Ilhan Omar is challenged by who we consider the only viable opponent former Minneapolis City Councilman, and School Board member Don Samuels, AJ Kern, Albert Ross and Nate Schluter.

Again, the is a Republican field, but the Democratic victor will prevail in the most prevalent Democratic district in the nation. So the inconsequential candidates are Cicely Davis, Guy T Gaskin and Royce White.

In the 7th, (Fischbach Seat) there is a Democratic Primary only between DFL endorsee Jill Abahsain and Alycia R Gruenhagen.

In the 8th, (Stauber seat) Republican incumbent Pete Stauber is challenged by Harry Robb Welty. On the Democratic side DFL endorsee Jen Schultz will need to fend of John Munter.

Constitutional Offices

Governor and Lt Governor

Republicans Dr Scott Jensen and Matt Birk (endorsed), Bob “Again” Carney Jr and Captain Jack Sparrow, and Joyce Lynne Lacey and Kent Edwards

DFLers Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan (incumbents) (endorsed) and Ole Savior and Julia M Parker

GLC Steve Patterson and Matt Huff and Darrell Paulsen and Ed Engelmann

LMN James McCaskel and David Sandbeck and Chris Wright and L.C. Lawrence Converse

 Secretary of State

DFLers Steve Simon (incumbent) (endorsed) Steve Carlson

Republicans Kim Crockett (endorsed) and Erik van Mechelen

 Attorney General

DFLers Keith Ellison (incumbent) (endorsed) and Bill Dahn

Republicans Jim Schultz (endorsed), Sharon Anderson, and Doug Wardlow

In the state legislative contests, the following candidates are paired. The majority of interparty contests are clearly on the Republican side in both the Senate and the House.

Senate Primary Races

Senate District 03

Republicans Kelsey Johnson and Andrea Zupancich

Senate District 04

Republicans Dan Bohmer and Edwin Hahn

Senate District 05

Republican Dale A.P. Anderson, Bret Bussman and Paul J. Utke (incumbent)

Senate District 07

DFLers Ben DeNucci and Kim [Kotonias] McLaughlin

Senate District 09

Republicans Nathan R Miller and Jordan Rasmusson

Senate District 10

Republicans include former DFL Rep Steve Wenzel, former Rep Jim Newberger and Nathan Wesenberg

DFLers Suzanne M. Cekalla and Brent Krist

Senate District 11

DFLers Michelle Boyechko and John A. Peura

Senate District 13

Republicans Jeff Howe (incumbent) and Ashley Burg

Senate District 15

Republicans Gary Dahms (incumbent) and Larvita McFarquhar

Senate District 23

Republicans Gene Dornink (Incumbent) and Lisa Hanson

Senate District 31

Republicans State Rep Cal K. Bahr and Maribella McDermid

Senate District 33

DFLers Brian Baber and Nancy McLean

Senate District 38

DFLers Huldah Hiltsley and Susan Pha

Senate District 41

Republicans State Rep Tony Jurgens and Tom Dippel

Senate District 42

Republicans Will Dammann and Paul Hillen

Senate District 44

State Rep Tou Xiong, Leslie Lienemann and Nancy Livingston

Senate District 48

DFLers Balakrishna “Bala” Chintaginjala and Dan Kessler

Senate District 54

Republicans Eric Pratt (Incumbent) and Natalie Barnes (Endorsed)

Senate District 56

DFLers Justin Emmerich (Endorsed) former State Rep Erin Maye Quade

Senate District 58

Republicans Jake Cordes and Bill Lieske

Senate District 62

DFLers Omar Fateh (incumbent) and Shaun Laden

Senate District 63

DFLers  Zaynab Mohamed and Todd C. Scott

Senate District 63

DFLers Sandy Pappas (incumbent), Zuki Ellis and Sheigh Freeberg

House Primary Races

House 03A

Republicans Blain Johnson and Roger J. Skraba

House 06B

Republicans Josh Heintzeman (incumbent) and Doug Kern

House 08A

Republicans Art Johnston and Allan Kehr II

House 08B

DFLers Arik Forsman and Alicia Kozlowski

House 10B

Republicans Blake Paulson, Isaac Schultz and John Ulrick

House 20A

Republicans Pam Altendorf and Jesse Johnson

House 21B

Republicans Marj Fogelman and Jayesun Israel Sherman

House 27B

Republicans Kurt Daudt and Rachel Davis

House 28A

DFLers Erik Johnson and Barbara J Kruschel

House 32A

DFLers Richard A Paul and Ashton Ramsammy

House 33B

Republicans Mark Bishofsky and Tina Riehle

DFLers Josiah Hill and Joe Widmer

House 36A

Republicans Elliott Engen and Kiz Taylor

House 48A

DFLers Arlan Brinkmeier and Nathan Kells

House 50B

DFLers Andrew Carlson (incumbent) and Steve Elkins (incumbent)

House 52A

DFLers Sandra Masin (incumbent) and Liz Reyer (incumbent)

House 54A

Republicans Bob Loonan and Erik Mortensen (incumbent)

DFLers Maria Isa Pérez-Hedges (endorsed) and Anna Botz

House 67A

DFLers Liz Lee (endorsed) and John D Thompson (incumbent)