National & Texas Report

In a case in Amarillo, TX, which is an example of “judge shopping” may impinge the the ability for women to secure the pills used for medical abortions, which is the principle means the procedure is administered nationwide. Presiding over the federal case is Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, a known Christian who is deeply conservative, with a personal history of abortion opposition to  and a court record favoring right-wing agendas.

The reason for the nationwide impact is this injunction could suspend the shipment of the drugs into Texas and hence stop all such deliveries. There is an expected appeal, but as seen in previous ruling by the US Supreme Court, such regional actions have been allowed to remain in effect until the matter appears before the full federal bench.

This case, along with the Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization, show how our nation needs to establish protections against the US Supreme Court, set limits on its powers and allow for a more liberal interpretation of law. The restriction of or the denial of established rights and privilege’s, which yes, may not be written in the US Constitution, needs to be incorporated, because technology has outpaced the vision of the founding fathers. Our nation is one of laws, but the clash between different states, jurisdictions or locations should allow for diversity and tolerance. It seems that a middle-of-the-road approach and a strong consideration of the rights of the individual and personal autonomy should extend until those rights impact another. Sure, we acknowledge the counter argument regarding the rights of the unborn fetus being equal to that of the mother, but because technology has not found a way to replace a woman as the vessel for the fetus to develop, its right do not exist.