Minnesota Report

We were shocked to hear to the boldness of a proposal to ship our water out-of-the state to western states. This resource, a climate change continues to rise, will make water an ever-increasingly demanded commodity, but the exploitation and exporting of our resource is just unconscionable.

We’re glad there is an administration and a Department of Natural Resources where such an idea is rejected at the onset. HT to DNR Commissioner Sarah Strommen.

We are less confident the same would occur under a different political alignment. The idea of resource extraction of minerals and other resources that are not an embodiment of the essentials of life are one issue, but a fundamental resource like water is another issue altogether.

The Land O’ 10,000 Lakes is a significant steward of water resources and one only needs to look east to Wisconsin or Michigan to see a distinctive difference. Wisconsin is dealing with FoxConn and it’s the use of water resources and drawing from the Lake Michigan Basin and Michigan will let anyone harvest water, like Nestle and ship it around the globe.

The Great Lakes Compact, has some protects, but it is up to each state to manage the resource and clearly there is a difference in management techniques.