Minnesota Report

As Congress, Legislators, and Regulators discuss the impact of the variety of industries and applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we believe an important question is over the politics of origination. Being able to track where something comes from, specifically country, party, or bias will be sacrosanct to developing its full understanding.

In music, we have developed comfort with synthesized music, techno-music, and computer-generated sounds. In movies and television, we have embraced Computer Generated Imagery, which provides special effects which are largely impossible for humans to do.

Since the problem is a fear of an inability to differentiate, human work and artificial work are the future destination point we believe as we have said before AI must be labeled and effectively branded and the brand woven into the code so that it is recognizable and prevalent. We have suggested all AI-generated material should be labeled with the typographic symbol (AI) and should be embedded as such.

This way AI will become as common as © ® or ™. In fact, when in written form all AI work should have a unique color like a hyperlink before selection is royal blue and after used a muted purple. This is not to discriminate but rather to distinguish.