Minnesota Report

The announcement of Ramsey County Commissioner Toni Carter (DFL) not to seek reelection, leads to a scenario we refer to as Dominoes. The reason being how it effects other people, especially other currently serving elected officials.

The different interested parties now have a new factor to consider. As we understand, as of now, the list of potential replacements is: Rep Rena Moran (DFL-65A, St Paul), Businessman and DFL Activist Samakab Hussein, St Paul City Councilmember Mitra Jalali (DFL-Ward 4) and Rep Kaoly Vang Her (DFL-64A, St Paul).

We know Hussein bis awaiting the decision of Moran, but has been calling delegates. Hussein and Jalali have a luxury the others lack, which is not having to give anything up to run, Hussein, because he is a private citizen and Jalali is not up for reelection to her seat until 2023. Also, it is thought with Her’s easy achievement of her House seat, which was uncontested, with it being vacated by Erin Murphy (DFL-64A, St Paul) due to her gubernatorial bid, and little organization had to be put into her election, especially no endorsement fight, she isn’t seen as much of a challenge.

Another factor tot consider is the DFL Caucus process. Because of COVID and the release of the legislative maps coming more than 15 days after the precinct caucuses, the delegate selection will be a challenge for candidates. There will not be election of delegates at the precinct level. If more people seek to be delegates than the allotted amount it will result in a lottery and then the random selection pool becomes the group candidates will have to convince. Rather than, traditionally, where campaigns could stock the caucuses and get their people elected.

This reality creates an interesting challenge for campaigns to address and may open the option for those who feel slighted, to challenge in a primary.