Minnesota Report

People tracking the 2020 election returns all know the impact of the Absentee Ballots this election. The weight of those votes is not something visible on the Secretary of State’s website, but the information is available from many Counties if it is asked for. We have obtained the first three Supplemental Election Reports from Ramsey County and are providing them for you to observe the changes in results in both the Presidential and US Senate contests over the course of the last two days. The first report was at the end of the Election Day and we will add today’s report after we receive it at approximately 4:00 pm.

There were nearly three times as many Absentee Ballots cast for former Vice-President Joe Biden (D) than there were Same Day Ballots and better than 80% over Donald J Trump (R).

Supplemental Four

Supplemental Three

Supplemental Two

Supplemental One

Election Day