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Many people wish for this to be true, but no one should wish death on anyone, no matter whom it is. Now, a trial for treason and a public hanging or shooting by firing squad is a different question.

Truly, the question posed in the headline is a serious one, if Donald J Trump (R) were to die tomorrow, what would the GOP (Grand Old Party) stand for? Seriously, its an open question and one worth exploring? What are the core principles of the GOP? Are they bedrock? Are these definitive and embraced ubiquitously in all quarters across the nation or are they merely a dogmatic, sycophantic adherence to a person?

This is the definition of a cult and hence a cult-a-personality. So, the next time you see a person sporting a red MAGA hat or a Nazi-like t-shirt saying, “Make American Great Again,” ask them what does being a Republican mean to them. What are the principles they believe in and when the silence provides the deafening roar, just nod your head and understand this cultist before you has forgone their understanding of why this country exists, and is merely a slovenly dedicated person to the big orange orangutan, seeking knuckle draggers to the left and knuckle draggers to the right.