National Elections

Early reports about US Senator Amy Klobuchar’s (D-MN) Presidential fundraising numbers at $11.4 million. We thought these warranted a bit of scrutiny to see how well she faired from within Minnesota compared to the rest of the nation.

Overall, her Amy for America campaign has raised $18,469.983.23 with $5,905,097.83 or 44.89% coming from Minnesota. These amounts Include Primary and General election dollars. In Q3, excluding General election earmarks, because candidates need to get past the Primary in order to spend General Election monies, and contributors can max out at $2,100.00 for each, she had begun to build some momentum from the debate stage you can see the surge in her support across the nation.

Her totals in Q3 for Primary contributions show $4,316,380.24 with only $415,279.66 or10.65% coming from Minnesota.

Since Minnesota sits at 14th when it comes to per capita income and these comparative numbers show some interesting elements, of course, the bulk of the state contributors’ resident in Hennepin County.