Minnesota Report

The Special Election to fill the balance of the seat left vacant with the death of Congressman Jim Hagedorn (R-MN01) elected former Rep Brad Finstad (R-MN01) to the seat. He will fill out the balance of the tern until January, while simultaneously running for the seat for the next two-years.


(x) Brad Finstad                      59,797 votes for 50.77%

Jeff Ettinger                            55,053 votes for 46.74%

Richard B. Reisdorf                1,534 votes for 1.3

Haroun McClelland                865 votes for .07%


In the 1st Congressional District Primary Election, the results are.



(x) Brad Finstad                                              48,252 votes for 76.04%

Jeremy Munson                                             15,207 votes for 23.96%



(x) Jeff Ettinger                                              51,391 votes for 92.14%

James Rainwater                                            3,115 votes for 5.59%

George H. Kalberer                                        1,266 votes for 2.27%


Grassroots – Legalize Cannabis

Brian Abrahamson                                          361 votes for 100.00%


Legal Marijuana Now

Richard B. Reisdorf                                        565 votes for 100.00%