Minnesota Report

We received the following release from NFIB State Director Mike Hickey in response to Governor Tim Walz’ (DFL-MN) partial opening of retail business establishing curbside pick-up and delivery.


Minnesota’s leading small business group, the National Federation of Independent Business, is calling today’s Executive Order from Governor Walz a disappointment.

“So much more could have been done to level the playing field between small retailers and large box stores. Customers have been allowed to shop at big box stores, while small mom and pop shops have been forced to close their doors. The curbside pickup and delivery allowed under today’s order is certainly a positive first step, but the Governor could have done more to help small businesses. Other states are allowing customers to enter small retail shops – and so should Minnesota. Guidelines and limitations, on the number of customers allowed per square foot, and compliance with social distancing requirements are a far better and more equitable solution than what was announced today. Small business owners remain at a huge disadvantage in Minnesota. It’s unfair that small retailers are limited to curbside pickup and delivery while large corporations can operate with very limited and voluntary restrictions.”

The immediate need for financial support for small businesses cannot be overstated. In an earlier survey (March 30), about half of small business owners said they would not be able to continue business operations under current economic conditions for more than 2 months. Small business owners are depleting their savings and other resources to hold on to valuable employees until they receive their loan(s). The longer it takes until loans are deposited, small business owners will increasingly adjust business operations and layoff additional employees in order to survive.