Minnesota Report

We understand there will be lots of bluster and opposition occurring today on the floor of the state Senate over the various policies, procedures and committee positions from the Senate Republicans. One factor is likely the number of seats the minority is allotted on the various committees. There was a slight indicator yesterday from Sen Jim Abeler (R-35, Anoka), when he spoke on the floor that something is afoot and GOP members are stewing. The pending floor fight was held off because members had family and friends present yesterday, but we understand it will be a full engagement after the gavel falls and resolutions are brought forward.

Because the DFL has a one-vote majority and if the entire caucus holds together nothing should become of it, but it will be the first test of Senate Majority Leader Kari Dziedzic’s (DFL-60, Minneapolis) power and floor management. It will also test Senate President Bobby Jo Champion (DFL-59, Minneapolis) skills in the President’s chair. While Republicans try to feel their oats, the DFL will need to ally and show its collective strength and this might be a good indicator of what the floor behavior will be like in the forthcoming months.

The problem is when the Republicans cry foul, there are being quite disingenuous, because when they had control, they road roughshod over the DFL Minority and now that the shoe is on the other foot, it seems a bit hypocritical.

Since the Senate is normally the staider and the body more deferential to decorum and propriety it could prove to be an interesting show.