National and Minnesota Report

As the influence of Donald J Trump (R) continues to affect the Republican parties at both federal and state levels, as is the case in Minnesota, the push for legislation to tighten voting standards and processes, like Photo ID continue. In spite of the fact this issue failed a public referendum in 2012. On a vote of 47.44% for to 52.56% against, with the 2nd, 6th and 7th Congressional Districts voting in favor. (This shows the political differential that has exist in MN for nearly a decade)

The fact, there is a bi-polar divide in our nation and state continues to be a reality, and since Minnesota is the only state with divided government it plays out here best. As people on the opposite side like to say, there are two sides to every coin, it is the case it’s the same coin and only worth a specific amount. Truth is the face showing doesn’t matter when its spent. No one cares what face what showing when it’s put on the counter. We are a politically bipolar nation.

The structural opposition to expansion of voting opportunities is emblematic because Republicans know, more votes cast in an election provides and unfavorable result for their candidates in most instances. Longer voting time periods, mailed balloting, easier poll access is not component parts favored with Republican support, because it will not reward their side of the aisle. In an outcome-based solution, less is more is the Republican mantra.

As we have clearly stated, DFLers want every eligible vote to be cast and the question of legality is left for after the election, Republicans want only, what they declare as only all legal votes to be cast and those are determined in advance of the election. Voting by illegal immigrants, convicted felons still on paper, and other jurisdictional issues are the heightened sense of a fear that elections can be manipulated or stolen. This is not a concept that started with Trump, but one perpetuated by him. Again, Republicans do care about a fair election system just one where they win, because if they fail to win, it must be inherently unfair.

Post-Trump the political perspectives have not eased, but rather hardened. The two-sides get more entrenched, and locked into the camps. With the census data pending and a shift in political strength for the GOP set to diminish, merely based on a state population shift, more spurs will be applied to prevent any dramatic shifts. When Greater Minnesota loses its perceived position of political parity, it will be like the end of time to some, and a breath of fresh air to the majority of others.

It’s hard for a myopic person to see the world around themselves and understand there is a bigger and broader world of people who think dogmatically like they do. Although, for those on the hard left-side to believe everyone sees the world as they do, will also come a rude awakening when single-party rule comes back into play. The more middle-of-the-road voices will gain greater power and the internal tensions of urban legislators against suburban, ex-urban and those representing regional centers will come to the fore.