Minnesota Report

We thought a chart or a scorecard was a simple way to follow the current situation at the state legislature. We believe, this session is not anything front-of-mind for many Minnesotans, and the issue of concern might be important to many, they are not a part of everyday conversation with most.

It is our impression, the sticking points are mainly in the policy areas, and there will be few the area of policy changes that are agreed to by both sides. Already, the opposition by Republicans to the Clean Car Initiative has died, due to a realization it will move forward unless there is legislative action to prevent it. The voting provisions, such as Photo Id and Provisional Balloting, which critics argue are intended to foster distrust of the voting system and perpetuate the “Big Lie” of the 2020 election being stolen, have gone by-the-by and now security for mailed balloting will be increased and 24-hour surveillance imposed. The Education Savings Accounts advanced by Sen. Roger Chamberlain (R-38, Lino Lakes), which opponents see as a veiled school voucher plan, was dead on arrival and many of the items on the DFL Agenda will need to wait for another day.

Here are where things stand to date. We intend to update this information as new factors become known.


Title Final Passage Status or Passage Date House Vote Total House Journal Urgency Declared Status or Passage Date Senate Vote Total Senate Journal  Urgency Declared
Omnibus Agriculture Bill HF0008 6/19/2021 120-20 pg 123 No 7/22/2021 63-3 pg 275 Yes
Capital Investment Pending
Commerce & Energy HF006 6/21/2021 70-60 pg 236 No 6/22/2021 60-5 pg 480 Yes
E-12 Education  Pending Pending
Omnibus Environment, Natural Resources, and Tourism Bill SF0020 Calendared for 06/25/2021 49-16 pg 484 Yes
Higher Education HF0007 6/19/2021 71-57 pg 128 No 6/21/2021 66-0 pg 153 Yes
Housing Pending Today
Omnibus Jobs and Economic Growth Finance and Policy Bill SF0009 Calendared for 06/25/2021 6/22/2021 45-21 pg 273 No
Judiciary & Public Safety Pending Pending
Legacy Finance HF0013 6/19/2021 89-39 pg 122 No 6/21/2021 66-0 pg 152 Yes
State Government, Elections & Veterans Pending Pending
Taxes Pending Pending
Omnibus Transportation Bill HF0010 6/23/2021 112-21 Pending No Pending