Minnesota Report

On a 4-1 vote, the Crow Wing County Board voted to call for an election audit, in spite of the fact Donald J Trump carried the vote 63.91% over Joe Biden 34.17%. When all but Commissioner Steve Barrows (District 3) voted in favor we then ask if former Senator Paul Koering’s (District 1) and Doug Houge’s (District 5) elections are suspect, because they were on the same ballot, and Koering was unopposed, but Houge won by a plurality.

We believe they were put under pressure by an effort call Audit Crow Wing and the website called for the following.

By submitting this form, you, the signer, petition for immediate completion of a forensic audit of the votes cast in the state of Minnesota during the recent 2020 election. Particularly, but not exclusively, Crow Wing county. You are also indicating that the extent of the audit of which you desire to be performed shall include the removal of any, and all, votes cast contrary to the law, as specified in the United States Constitution and the Minnesota State Constitution. This includes, but is not limited to: spoiled ballots, ballots cast by the deceased, ballots cast by those without citizenship in the United States, ballots cast by mail having a postmark dated after the election day and duplicate ballots. The same shall also include a thorough canvassing of any questionable address, name or otherwise suspicious ballot, such as can be determined as suspicious, by modern “forensic” means, for the same purpose, of removing fraudulently cast votes from the 2020 election count.

The Crow Wing County Attorney Doug Ryan has ruled the board has no jurisdiction in this matter, but it begs a question of what insanity would drive these elected officials to act like rabid dogs and be mere puppets for Donald J Trump.