Minnesota Report

Yesterday, two Special Elections were held to fill the vacancies created by the death of Rep Diane Loeffler (DFL-60A, Minneapolis) and the early retirement of Rep Nick Zerwas (R-30A, Elk River). In Minneapolis, Sydney Jordan (DFL-60A, Minneapolis) easily defeated her challenger Marty Super (LMN-60A, Minneapolis) with 1879 votes or 87.44% to 247 or 11.49%.

In turn, Paul Novotny (R-30A, Elk River) carried his race with a sizable margin 1983 or 63.44% compared to the results for Chad Hobot (DFL-30A, Elk River) with 1141 or 36.50%.

As was expected, these elections caused no change in the legislative majorities in the State House. Special Elections tend to favor the incumbent party in that office.