Minnesota Repor

All of the DFLers cruised to victory in their Primary elections.


(x) Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan                 416,920 votes for 96.53%

Ole Savior and Julia M Parker                       14,982 votes for 3.47%


Secretary of State

(x) Steve Simon                                              285,308 votes for 72.51%

Steve Carlson                                                 108,142 votes for 27.49%


Attorney General

(x) Keith Ellison                                              378,359 votes for 89.35%

Bill Dahn                                                         45,110 votes for 10.65%


The MNGOP had the more consequential Primary contests, where someone who wasn’t the party endorsed candidate might have had a shot at winning. After the results were known its is clear no one who challenged mattered much in the final totals.



(x) Scott Jensen and Matt Birk                                                                                288,492 votes for 89.31%

Joyce Lynne Lacey and Kent Edwards                                                                  21,307 votes for 6.60%

Bob “Again” Carney Jr and Captain Jack Sparrow                                             13,213 votes for 4.09%


Secretary of State

(x) Kim Crockett                                                                                                   190,152 votes for 63.15%

Erik van Mechelen                                                                                            110,938 votes for 36.85%


Attorney General

(x) Jim Schultz                                                                                                              163,942 votes for 52.51%

Doug Wardlow                                                                                                         108,532 votes for 34.76%

Sharon Anderson                                                                                                      39,722 votes for 12.72%


The “Pot Parties” had a pittance of turnout and only had contested primaries in the race for Governor.

Grassroots – Legalize Cannabis

(x) Steve Patterson and Matt Huff                                                                  1,003 votes for 59.14%

Darrell Paulsen and Ed Engelmann                                                                693 votes for 40.86%            

Legal Marijuana Now

(x) Chris Wright and L.C. Lawrence Converse                                         1,356 votes for 48.14%

James McCaskel and David Sandbeck                                                     1,461 votes for 51.86%