Minnesota & National Report

In 2016, when US Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) challenged Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D) the was a significant distinction between the two she was a legitimate Democratic candidate and he was a construction of a made-up term Democratic Socialist. With Socialist Ideolog as an opponent, Sanders was a constant push to Clinton from the left extreme and created a schism with Progressive voters and an opportunity Jill Stein (GR) was able to capitalize on in FL, MI, PA, OH, and WI and provided an Electoral College victory for Donald J Trump (R).

If Congressman Dean Phillips (MN-03) makes a bid primarily due to an ageist attack, but still in support of the Biden Administration policies, he could be a double-edged sword like Sanders, he could open up President Joe Biden (D) like a soft-boiled peanut or be an ultimate benefit by losing and endorsing his better. We have always said, because you cannot beat someone with no one, it is always better to beat a rival and hence be the victor with the power of the win. With the current field of Robert F Kennedy Jr, the conspiracy theorist anti-vaxer, and Marianne Williamson, the field is set for a powder puff battle, but Phillips could add some heft while risking being the spoiler who gets Trump elected.

The annals of history are laden with presumptive aspirants and their bones are picking for the crows. Yes, Phillips could be the first Jewish-American President were he to win, but just like his misguided, uniformed support for Ranked Choice Voting, he is not always right, especially because he listens to poor advice.