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As Republicans work to entwine crime and immigration by using the death of Laken Riley as the prime example of the failure of the Biden Administration’s immigration policies. They are merely being opportunists and exploiting a tragedy for political gains.

When President Joe Biden (D) was able to blame Republicans and Donald J Trump for killing the bill Republican supported Emergency National Security Supplemental Appropriations Act. If passed in the form offered, it would be the most sweeping and comprehensive immigration bill of the twenty-first century. It’s overhaul of the process for asylum seekers—and imposition of an “emergency authority” placing asylum fully out of reach for those crossing between ports of entry over the course of the next three years. It would attempt to address issues like work permits and years-long waits for asylum seekers, and raise the standards a person must meet in order to access the US asylum system. It would finally expand additional visas and future green card availability and offer a pathway to citizenship to Afghans, while also significantly increasing detention capacity. Immigration advocates see the bill as a mixed bag.

With this bill’s failure to pass, it becomes a political football for both sides. Trump retains the issue by making a Lucy (Peanuts) style move removing the ball and Biden gained credibility when he said, “Look, folks, we have a simple choice: We can fight about fixing the border or we can fix it. I’m ready to fix it. Send me the border bill now.” In light of Trump’s actions Biden prevailed, but the problem still remains.