National & Minnesota Report

The closeness of the US Senate and the House is what is impinging our nation. The need for full recognition of our nations citizens in an unrepresented political subdivision has existed far too long and it’s time for full recognition and statehood. We implore our leaders to establish both Washington DC and Puerto Rico as states.

This will help settle the chaos in the US Senate and then through election of its people, provide two more US Senators and expand the membership of the US House proportionately to it’s population.

Then there needs to be an expansion of the US Supreme Court to its correct size which is inline with the number of existing, federal judicial districts, which is twelve. If the decision-makers seek to establish an odd-number of members to enable a tie breaker then the number could be eleven or thirteen to do so, but it is clear there needs to be a more balanced court than currently exists.

Our junior Senator Tina Smith (D-MN) has been in favor of establishment of a larger Supreme Court with four new seats and put forward legislation to do so and stated it on MSNBC with Jonathan Capeheart over a year ago.