National Politics

With the vote pending on the calling of witnesses in the Impeachment Trial of Donald J Trump (R), and an expectation the call will fail due to the Republican Majority control we believe this constitutes the codification of the Imperial Presidency as coined by Arthur Schlesinger Jr In his book about the Presidency of Richard M Nixon (R). At least under Republican control of the White House and the US Senate.

The dogmatic support for Trump in all manner and the lack of willingness to publically oppose and action or policy position is evident and maybe do to fears of being Primaried. There are twenty Republicans Senators seeking reelection in 2020. The cult of personality is in full effect and the power of the extreme elements is in full-force. The rightwing authoritarians are trampling on any position to the contrary and the oversimplified messages carry the day.

The correction in our nation’s course will be up to the Democratic Party to field the best possible challenger, with the widest appeal to combat Trump and the need for worthy candidates for the US Senate seats secure four victories to enable a wholesale change to occur in 2021. The agenda of every candidate should be to dismantle everything Donald J Trump did to our nation. Striking Trump down will be akin to the removal of Confederate Statues and racists names from buildings, except in this instance the purge will provide cleansing for everyone feeling the need for a perpetual shower since Trump’s election.