Minnesota Report

As expected, President Joe Biden (D) has officially entered the fray to keep his hand on the tiller of our nation on the course he has charted. In 1980, when Ronald Reagan (R) then, the oldest Presidential Candidate to date, asked “Are you better off?” he incorporated the “Feeling Index” into the presidential equation. In this instance, Biden will need to do the same, except his opponent will truly matter. If it is Donald J Trump (R) then the desired match-up will occur and as we have said repeatedly, once a decision has been made between two candidates, the electorate at least here in Minnesota sticks with their first pick. If it is another opponent, then it is a vastly different scenario.

Biden has little in the way of opposition to the nomination and the larkish candidacies of Robert F Kennedy Jr (D) and Marianne Williams (D) are not of consequence, as we have also stated in the past, being able to beat someone in a primary helps a candidate gain momentum. Especially in this case, the Kennedy name is iconic in Democratic politics, and the anti-vaccine stance by RFK Jr is a prime opportunity to galvanize support for Biden’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and a solid start to juxtapose his response to Trump’s which lack a distribution method for vaccines and is a constant criticism voiced by Republicans against lockdowns and school closures, which started with Trump.

Biden should follow the lead of our Governor Tim Walz (D-MN) who highlighted during his State of the State address when he threw a haymaker at Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) saying, “They’re banning books in their schools; we’re banishing hunger from ours.”

The comparison and contrast of the four years of Trump to those of Biden is a stark and sharp difference, except Biden continues to be blamed for the hangover and the malaise Trump spread across our nation like mayonnaise. The ability of Biden to root out the entire impact was not fully accomplished in the first term and will likely require another to finish the job, which is the name of the announcement video. Let’s Finish the Job