Minnesota Report

Because we have a divided legislature, are in the midst of an off-year election with new forthcoming legislative districts, and unless there are incentives for all sides to compromise, the status quo will prevail. Meaning, if there isn’t an agreement between the Republican controlled Senate, the DFL controlled House and Governor Tim Walz (DFL-MN) on a Supplemental Budget, taxes or any other piece of legislation, existing law established in 2022, remains in force.

Yes, as they have already proven, the Republican Senate can bring various Commissioners up before their body and in public reject them, thereby holding a public execution, and extract their pound of flesh from Governor Walz, but that doesn’t change the reality, if disagreement occurs status quo prevails.

All eyes are on the Senate. We will see what the new leadership in the Senate looks like under Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller (R-28, Winona) whether it will be thoughtful, deliberate, principled, or petty, petulant and vindictive. He was known for his willingness to consider finding a path toward mutual appreciation the perspectives of both sides. Let’s see if the foundation laid between him and more saner voices prevail.

One group we think worth noting is, those who are retiring from the legislature, because they have less of a political stake in the outcome. If the rational minds and not the partisan pressures emerge, this could be a productive session

Will it be “Off with Their Heads,” or bipartisan agreement?