Minnesota Report

It is true elections have consequences, and that no election is like another, but the value of holding an election certificate empowers one to make every decision in light of a series of factors when casting a vote. One fact, the one-person in control of their vote is that specific member.

As we watched the gather of Mos Demand Action and heard the words of First Lady Gwen Walz (DFL) we were not surprised when they fell on fairly deaf ears. As she said, “If they do not put it up for a vote, there are seven senators sitting in seats where Tim Walz won…and we are coming,” actually the list is ten long and we have provided it below. When the response from State Sen Warren Limmer (R-34, Maple Grove) was, “Bring it on,” it is clear he holds the gavel in the Judiciary and Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee.

The push on any issue for gun control, marijuana, or any other issue will play a pivotal role in the suburban seats like Limmer’s, though not until November 2020. Sure, pressure can be applied and hands can be wrung, but it will mean little to the Senate incumbents because they believe the formula that got them elected in 2016, being on the same ballot as Donald J Trump (R) will be what they face in 2020.

Rallys, protests and other political maneuvers will not likely sway incumbents to a different position.

As we have said before, Sens Paul Anderson (R-44, Minnetonka) and Dan Hall (R-56, Burnsville) are in the most vulnerable positions, because of both House Districts changing parties in the last election, but Sen Jeremy Miller (R-28, Winona) should also keep a sharp eye.

District Republican Candidate Vote % DFL Candidate Vote % House Member Party
11A Johnson 7390 40.56% Walz 10110 58.30% Sundin DFL
11B Johnson 8542 55.30% Walz 61.92 40.90% Rarick Republican
14A Johnson 8594 48.98% Walz 8323 47.44% Theis Republican
14B Johnson 5860 42.18% Walz 7258 58.07% Wolgamott DFL
25A Johnson 9772 49.85% Walz 9215 47.01% Quam Republican
25B Johnson 7351 38.46% Walz 11206 58.63 Sauke DFL
26A Johnson 5734 34.33% Walz 10411 62.33% Liebling DFL
26B Johnson 11139 50.23% Walz 10515 47.41% Pierson Republican
28A Johnson 6192 38.31% Walz 9327 57.71% Pelowski DFL
28B Johnson 9066 48.59% Walz 9023 48.35% Davids Republican
34A Johnson 11664 51.80% Walz 10177 45.19% Robbins Republican
34B Johnson 10373 44.34% Walz 12265 52.43% Bahner DFL
38A Johnson 10402 49.62% Walz 9810 46.80% Runbeck Republican
38B Johnson 10555 45.87% Walz 11691 50.80% Wazlawik DFL
39A Johnson 11254 50.08% Walz 10399 46.28% Dettmer Republican
39B Johnson 10465 46.03% Walz 11505 50.60% Christensen DFL
44A Johnson 10245 42.27% Walz 13431 55.41% Klevorn DFL
44B Johnson 9070 37.20% Walz 14697 60.28% Acomb DFL
56A Johnson 9148 44.16% Walz 10751 51.90% Cantrell DFL
56B Johnson 8317 43.27% Walz 10168 52.90% Mann DFL