Minnesota Report

Here in Minnesota, we apply “sin taxes” on alcohol and tobacco because they are detrimental to public health. If this is the measure of sound tax policy then legislators should look to one of the greatest threats to public health known today, which is sugar and high fructose corn syrup. These products, both produced here in Minnesota are significant killers of our state’s population.

The connections between childhood and adult obesity, diabetes, blood pressure and its effects on heart disease, and cancer are well documented. If we placed a tax on each incidence of use, we could find the money necessary to combat all of our medical needs.

If Republicans want to forgo the health care provider tax and help protect the state’s citizen then this is an answer. If we were to place a $.02 tax on all sugar-based beverages and high fructose corn syrup products we would see a significant revenue source. If the goods containing sugar and other sweeteners paid a 2% excise tax it would provide a funding base that could finance a Minnesota Health Care system for all.

Again, Governor Tim Walz (DFL-MN) here is your solution its the 2 Cent Solution.