Minnesota Report

When Governor Tim Walz (DFL-MN) tapped state Sen Tony Lourey (DFL-11, Kerrick) for the Human Service Commissioner job it created a clear issue for Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk (DFl-03, Cook). Now, as things have come to play out we are hard pressed to see how Bakk can benefit significantly from any result.

To start with, Bakk had to deal with Lourey when he was in the caucus and Lourey even challenged him for the Majority Leader’s position, but wasn’t able to drum up the votes. Now, if Rep. Jason Rarick (R-11B, Pine City) gains the seat the margin in the caucus expands to two seats and that means Bakk’s negotiating role is further diminished.

If Michelle Lee (DFL-11) first prevails in the Primary and them wins the General Election she has already taken positions on environmental issues that will further create tensions in the DFL Caucus over Enbridge Line 3, PolyMet and Twin Metals.
Finally, if Stuart “Stu” Lourey (DFL-11, Kerrick) we would expect the sentiments his father and maybe even his grandmother former state Senator Becky Lourey (DFL-Kerrick) have might be nascent.  Although, if the DFL Senate Caucus under the guidance on Mike “Kenner” Kennedy prevail either Lee or Lourey might have different feelings.