We learned last night Women Winning is set to endorse the least accomplished candidate in the field for Congressional District 05, Rep Ilhan Omar (DFL-60B, Minneapolis) over former House Speaker and Gubernatorial Candidate Margaret Anderson Kelliher (D-MN05) and Sen Patricia Torres Ray (DFL-63, Minneapolis).

We find this interesting for a number of reasons. One, what was the criteria? It is clear it wasn’t based on any tangible resume or marked achievements. Two, is this an example of bandwagon effect? Seems likely, because again what was the criteria for selection? Three, why are the comparisons between this race and NY14 happening, it’s not the same. We are hearing people discuss how MN05 is “so much like” NY14 and we say No it’s not. In NY14 a twenty-eight-year-old Puerto Rican woman defeated a 10-term incumbent Democrat. This is an open seat where three women are vying for the opportunity. Where are the similarities?

One interesting fact Anderson Kelliher is a past board member of the organization, but it appears loyalty is not a part of the criteria. We are surprised they made any decision at all because as we stated before it is also a fact, a woman will be the next Congressperson in CD05.