When former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) spoke in his 90-second commercial at the end of 60 Minutes his words seemed to have power. Maybe that was because it was honest, heartfelt and legitimate. Bloomberg while highlighting his own political choices painted himself, as media reports often have as a middle-of-the-road common-sense person, who had reached a logical conclusion, which is the Republicans had been given the opportunity to change the entirety of our political system, they held all of the reins of power, and they have failed and the only rational response is to only vote for Democratic candidates this election.

If Bloomberg is seen by moderate middle-of-the-roads voters his words may have an impact, he at least may shift the dial slightly, but if this is a close election then every factor capable of having any impact should be brought to bear.

As the dust settles on 2018’s mid-term elections, if voters across the nation reference the Bloomberg commercial as affecting their vote, if voters say they were going to stay home until there heard from Bloomberg, then his words mattered significantly.