Minnesota Report

There are staunch defenders and just as staunch opponents to the anti-Semitic tropes advanced by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (DFL-MN05). Throughout the week and last weekend all of the political programs discussed whether or not the original resolution condemning Omar for her words was watered down to apply a broad brush to all forms of racism and culturally insensitive language.

The matter seems to be a challenge to the leadership of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA12). The freshman triumvirate of Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY14) (AOC), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI13) and Omar are proving to be a significant challenge to the Speaker and are marking a structural tension between the establishment and more virulent strain of Progressivity. The younger more aggressive group is not happy with the status quo and voices their opinions regularly on social media, but they also carry some star power because of the attention they have received

When, AOC toppled a Congressman Joe Crowley (D-NY14) in the Primary as a self-declared Democratic Socialist she reignited to smoldering embers of the US Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) faction. When Omar won her Primary and was assured her seat in Congress and on Election Night Tlaib said regarding Donald J Trump (R) “We’re going to impeach the Motherf—er,” she significantly increased her profile.

The question people will need to reconcile regarding Omar is does she harbor anti-Semitic feelings at her core or is she just against the Jewish state. So far, she doesn’t seem to be backing down and softening her words. The problem is this is not the first time her comments have been seen as anti-Semitic and often past performance is a good indicator of future action.

We will now just wait and see if she changes her rhetoric or continues on course. In total, she seems to be critical of the entire establishment and the broad role of Special Interests, but now that she is immersed in the culture of Washington DC, she not just popular, but also wide-open to critics across the nation not just in the 5th Congressional District.