National Report

In spite of not having scientific support for his position Donald J Trump (R) continues to put forward his contention that the use of Hydroxychloroquine a drug for Malaria and Lupus and Erythromycin a drug for bacterial infections as a panacea to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Yesterday, he informed the public his intent to provide access to the 30 million doses donated by Trump to HHS.  This after, we learned of the conflict in the administration over the weekend between White House Economic Adviser Peter Navaro and CDC Head Anthony Fauchi.

Now, that we have learned UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now in Intensive Care, we wonder if Trump is recommending this treatment for his political ally. As coverage of Johnson’s condition continued to be discussed reports grew bleaker throughout the day. On Sunday, while emphasizing his point Trump said “What do you have to lose?” In this case, the best response came from AMA President Patricia Harris, “Your life.” This just goes to show, even those with platinum healthcare are not immune to this virus.

This is not the first time a Malaria treatment was seen as a curative. History shows in India, the British as an enterprising lot, toke the bitter Malaria treatment, Quinine mixed it with Gin and created the Gin and Tonic.