National Report

The impeachment proceeding of Donald J Trump (R) may have seemed destined from the start of his administration because he entered into office with no prior governmental experience and appeared to show disdain and disregard to formal convention and past practices. His approach of viewing nearly every issue in light of how it shined upon him is a narcissistic viewpoint.

It is not surprising the Trump Administration did not release the entirety of the transcript of the phone call with the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The Whistleblower memo and subsequent testimony will provide many avenues for investigation and so far have corroborated the most egregious allegations.

As only the fourth President to be Impeached, which only means prosecuted, Trump carries a black mark into history only shared by Andrew Johnson (17), Richard M Nixon (37) and William J Clinton (42). This black cloud will now dog him like Schleprock on the Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm cartoon.

The hearings in the six various committees will now move forward with more investigative authority and the response of the administration will likely determine most of what happens. Any obstruction will be seen as a tactic to defend and will be grounds for additional impeachable offenses.

As more information is unearthed it will lead to additional questions and inquiries. Even though the first judges, in this case, will the US Senate, but the ultimate judges and jury will be the American people during the 2020 November elections.

As the discovery process occurs and witnesses are brought before the various committees to testify, we will see a shaping narrative. Granted, Trump’s base may holdfast in support of him, there will likely be an erosion of support in the Middle of the electorate especially in Middle America. The adage of where there is smoke there is fire seems to apply.

These proceedings will need to be well orchestrated and focused on issues of significance and with there being six different venues and lines of questions made by Democrats intent on exposing wrongdoings and Republicans poised in large part to defend their President and protect their own election prospects in 2020 it will be a constant sparring match.

In politics, we always believe the best approach is to keep things simple, and a panoply of charges against Trump may not be the best approach, in spite of the fact, there may be a laundry list. If the more egregious charges are held up as most significant and the lesser ones are treated as add-ons the Democrats may be able to bring the American electorate along and in turn the Republican US Senators.

But, unless the focus is on abuse of power, national security and corruption Republicans will continue to paint this process in a partisan light. The fact that moderate Democrats seem to be drawn into this unwillingly is significant, but the exuberance of the more liberal elements will be where the conservative voices focus their attention. This will be a good time for those on the left to take a backseat, accept their due credit for lighting the fire, but now sit back and watch it burn, without throwing additional gasoline on to the pyre.