Minnesota Report

The bane of Ranked Choice Voting is set to occur this November. Now, that the field is set we will watch how the different candidates, carve each other up or appeal to voters to be their second-choice. Again, a Primary system offers a more concise opportunity to have two candidates facing-off to provide less confusion. All told there are 28 city council candidates.

Ward One

Incumbent Council Member and DFL endorsed candidate  Dai Thao (DFL-Ward 1) is being challenged by Anika Bowie, who lists herself as a Minneapolis NAACP Vice President, Liz de la Torre comes forward with public health advocate and Abu Nayeem, community activist. Bowie and de la Torre both challenged Thao for the DFL endorsement and in spite of claiming irregularities in the endorsement process, fell far short.

Ward Two

Incumbent Council Member and DFL endorsed candidate Rebecca Noecker (DFL-Ward 2), Lindsay Ferris Martin, Helen Meyers, Bill Hosko (R) and Sharon Anderson, a true gadfly candidate.

Ward Three

Incumbent Council Member and DFL endorsed candidate Chris Tolbert (DFL-Ward 3) is facing Patricia Hartmann, an attorney and Macalester-Groveland resident

 Ward Four

Incumbent Council Member and DFL endorsed candidate Mitra Jalali Nelson is being challenged by Tarrence Robertson-Bayless, a major in the Minnesota Army National Guard, and Chris Holbrook a Libertarian who ran for Governor in 2014 and St. Paul mayor in 2017. Sorry, but third-party candidacies in St Paul always fail.

Ward Five

Incumbent Council Member Amy Brendmoen again did not receive the DFL endorsement and has three challengers Bob Blake, solar energy installation business owner; Jamie Hendricks, who owns the North End Free Pantry; and Suyapa Miranda, past executive director of the St. Anthony Park Community Council.

Interim Council Member Kassim Busuri is running for the position he stated during the appointment process he would not do so. Both Nelsie Yang and Danielle Swift (Gr), identify as Community organizers, Terri Thao, a former planning commissioner, Greg Copeland who may be getting up to the gadfly status and Alexander Bourne, a self-defined entrepreneur are also seeking the Sixth Ward seat.

Incumbent Council Member and DFL endorsed candidate Jane Prince is running against artist and community organizer Mary Anne Quiroz, Kartumu King, a Dayton’s Bluff resident and David Thom, owners of Groomsmen, a dog grooming shop in Minneapolis.