If elected officials want to advance legislation that will have a broad appeal to all Minnesotan’s they should be calling for a Truth in Campaign Advertising Board. As we have listened to the sickening degree to the number of Campaign Ads in which one candidate spouts half-truths about another and then later we see another commercial about how one television state put the ad to the truth test and it failed, then the question is why does that station continue to run the ads in question.

We believe there needs to be an independent body, like the Office of Administrative Hearings, that sits judgment of these commercials and provides a ruling on their authenticity and veracity. Their ruling on a local scale, simple and understandable by the general public should provide an indicator for media entities to follow.

If a commercial does not at lease rate as a C+ then media stations could decide not to run the ad. If the ad is reworked then another ruling can be rendered, but this way we know we are at least receiving a majority of honest information.

This means every commercial could be run with a stamp of approval, like the Good Housekeeping Seal.

The future disclaimer could read A- on the Truth in Campaign Advertising.