When Republicans took the State House Majority in 1999 they dramatically changed the services available for the DFL Minority. They provided the DFL with a far smaller budget and it resulted in the number of Legislative Assistants going from one for every two legislators to 1 for every three. In 2009, when the DFL returned to the Majority, they didn’t punish the Minority in the same way but were far more accommodating and Republican legislators retained one Legislative Assistant for every two legislators.

When Republicans regained control in 2015 the DFL Minority again was paired back to a one to three staff/member ratio. We expect the DFL will have learned its lessons this time.

Since its clear Republicans apply the Trump Doctrine they should reap what they sow. Elections have consequences.

The lessons learned from Donald J Trump (R) are very clear and in the places across Minnesota that voted with him should hear them loud and clear and in this instance, DFLers should be the messengers. Any community, city, town, township or county should be forewarned because you voted Republican you get nothing. Forget about you. The message is vote Democrat, learn to play ball or don’t play at all.

Pain is the only prime motivator in this political climate of Trump. The lessons he teaches are very transparent, selfishness, greed and protecting your toys, so that means because Minnesota is a Democratic state, Republicans you get Butkis. It’s pure and simple you what you deserve.