The DFL Senate District 62 Convention started normally, albeit an hour and a half late. There were a number of problems with delegate credentialing in the beginning and this was important because open seats existed on both the A & B sides due to the retirements of Reps Karen Clark (DFL-62A, Minneapolis) and Susan Allen (DFL-62B, Minneapolis). What ultimately transpired is no state delegates were selected and some now point blame at State Auditor Rebecca Otto (DFL-MN) campaign as playing a sizable role.

Before the convention split into House District conventions a fight broke out at the doors to the floor which stopped business for a time.

After the split, House District 62B delegates remained in the auditorium and House District 62A delegates went downstairs to the cafeteria. Initially, many people without credentials gained access to the floor before everyone except credentialed delegates were removed. This process took another hour and a half before the convention could get underway.

The 62A convention proved to be unruly and Co-Chairs were unable to gain the order of the convention and when another fight broke out the police were called but no arrests were made. Eventually, some order was established and a motion for No Endorsement was offered. Most of the candidates Osman Ahmed, Omar Fateh, Hodan Hassen, Jen Kader, and Margarita Ortega eventually agreed to a motion for no enforcement until after a Primary. Then 62A convention adjourned without completing any business. With a large number of the delegates being Somali, another major problem developed, they were mistakenly told they could go home, rather than return to the full Senate District 62 Convention. After these approximately, 200 people left, it created a quorum problem.

The SD 62 convention reconvened and they attempted to do their party business of electing officers and alike. A delegate asked a question about the quorum, but because it was not phrased as a motion the proceeding continued. Later Dusty Theilen called quorum prior to state delegate selection though others blame former City Council member and union organizer Jim Niland, now with the Rebecca Otto campaign as putting him up to it.

The final result none of the 22 state delegates were selected.

Endorsement on the B side

After three ballots Aisha Gomez received the endorsement in House District 62B. She prevailed over Bonita Jones and Minneapolis School Board member Rebecca Gagnon on the first ballot, Ben Schweigert on the 2nd ballot and finally Korina Barry on the 3rd ballot.