Minnesota Report

Before his election of US House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI01) used to refer to the people of our nation as the Makers v. the Takers. This juxtaposes against the Democratic view of the Haves v. the Have Nots. As we listen to the discussions about the budget and hear Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka (R-09, Nisswa) say he is looking out for the taxpayers of Minnesota the counterpoint is clearly against those who receive benefits from the State of Minnesota.

Us v them rhetoric is conflictual and counterproductive to the advancement of any worthy solution. If the point is merely to protect for those who have against those who need then we are a heartless society. If the purpose is to advance the agenda of the state for all of its citizens to benefit then the conversation needs to shift.

If the position remains, I will fight for me and mine against you and yours then we are truly the society of Trump Where my interests trump your, I win.

Republicans 5% Solution is Not Enough

State Senate Republicans are making a simple argument which on its face sounds reasonable and even logical, but it is far from adequate when they call for a 5% increase of expenditures over 2018-19 expenditures. Yesterday, outside of the Governor Tim Walz’s (DFL-MN) office Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka (R-09, Nisswa) made this very case.

If Republicans like user fees and want to allow people the freedom to spend their own money as they will they should look to sports betting as a viable angle. Here is a solid way to put money on the table and put Governor Tim Walz and Lt Governor Peggy Flanagan (DFL-MN) administration in a bid. If the state authorized sports betting they could foster surpluses of revenue going into the future and create some strife in the Native American Gaming Casinos because their compacts with the state of Minnesota do not allow that type of gambling and if they wanted to compete they would need to reopen the state compacts to do so and Republicans have been angling for a way to do so for years.