The Supreme Court’s upholding of Donald J Trump’s Travel Ban, which is now the law of the land, bans travel from five Muslim countries, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Libya, and Somalia, along with Venezuela and North Korea. It will likely further incent the opposition to Republicans by Democrats, but it will also galvanize Republican support for Trump and Republicans he likes.

The concept of a “good” immigrant from a “good” country is one Trump and his Republican allies have prevailed in the short run and the only way for this to change is a wholesale realignment of Congress. It is only through the passage of a new law that the Supreme Court ruling can be short-circuited. This means it must pass the legislative branch and be signed by the executive, so this is a two-year process and might be even longer if the political alignment is incomplete. Because of the large numbers of Somali refugees here in Minnesota, this decision impacts a portion of our community.

In this nation of immigrants, the concept of love thy neighbor and extending a hand to those in need must become universal. The xenophobic fear and now hatred of the other should be replaced with an openness and interest in other people and other cultures and the tapestry of our country becomes even more elaborately woven.