Minnesota Report

As Governor Tim Walz (D-MN) starts a self-imposed fourteen-day quarantine, due to a member of his security detail contracting the Coronavirus/Covid-19. He also expected between 40-80 percent of the state’s population will be infected until the virus runs its course.

His administration has experienced its own loss with the death of Ronald Golden older brother of Lt Governor Peggy Flanagan (D-MN), who contracted the virus after contracting cancer. Additionally, our Congressional delegation has it first in direct case with US Senator Amy Klobuchar’s (D-MN) husband John Bessler has contracted the virus.

Walz is operating on a science-based system and has held off on an order for Sheltering in Place, but it will mean people need to adhere to the voluntary provisions. We do expect this will ultimately occur. If people impose a self-regulated method of only going out when they actually they need to then the virus may be kept at bay. Again, the collective actions are paramount to meeting the crisis.

We tip our hat to Governor Walz at his order to stop evictions from moving forward until this crisis is ended. We expect the longer the contraction of our economy occurs the greater the economic impact, both on the consumers and the businesses, but as was seen after World War II the pent-up demand will create a strong economic surge.

We hope the lessons of this time will be accepted and incorporated moving forward.