The September Campaign Finance Reports show Gubernatorial candidates Congressman Tim Walz (DFL-MN) and Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson (R-MN) having comparable amounts of money on-hand moving into the last 6 weeks of the campaign; Walz has $1,051,316.76 and Johnson $1,007,318.79. Walz out-raised and out-spent Johnson significantly.

The DFL Party handily eclipsed the Republican Party bringing in $6,153,119.88 and spending $5,588,257.31 with nearly a million still on-hand compared to $843,397.50 in receipts, $1,014,180.43 spent and only $171,108.13 cash remaining. Granted, fundraising continues.

The DFL House Minority Caucus raised $2,811,475.38 besting the Republican Majority with $1,365,447.02, which is nearly $1.5 million more. The DFL also spent $1,630,617.99 compared to $773,792.79, which is over $900,000 more and reports $1,637,065.41 on-hand while the GOP declares $1,289,554.33 or $600,000 more.

We also included the Senate Caucuses because of the Special Election in Senate District 13. The DFL clearly outpaces the GOP in all areas.

Tim Walz (DFL)
Total Receipts 2,670,517.84
Total Expenditures 2,107,410.65
Cash Balances 1,051,316.76
Jeff Johnson (R)
Total Receipts 1,594,256.69
Total Expenditures 766,701.14
Cash Balances 1,007,318.79
Attorney General 
Keith Ellison (DFL)
Total Receipts 676,219.71
Total Expenditures 340,972.67
Cash Balances 335,247.04
Doug Wardlow (R)
Total Receipts 429,503.21
Total Expenditures 203,203.10
Cash Balances 239,259.26
Secretary of State
Steve Simon (DFL)
Total Receipts 195,100.75
Total Expenditures 64,153.19
Cash Balances 296,997.50
John Howe (R)
Total Receipts 140,735.28
Total Expenditures 58,164.62
Cash Balances 83,921.56
State Auditor
Julie Blaha (DFL)
Total Receipts 143,278.04
Total Expenditures 91,754.31
Cash Balances 56,645.67
Outstanding Loan 4,000.00
Pam Myhra (R)
Total Receipts 101,754.33
Total Expenditures 74,806.41
Cash Balances 33,294.11
Total Debt 6,346.19


DFL Party
(MN DFL State Central Committee)
Total Receipts 6,153,119.88
Total Expenditures 5,588,257.31
Cash Balances 947,933.61
Republican Party
Total Receipts 843,397.50
Total Expenditures 1,014,180.43
Cash Balances 171,108.13
DFL House Caucus
Total Receipts 2,811,475.38
Total Expenditures 1,630,617.99
Cash Balances 1,637,065.41
Republican House Caucus
Total Receipts 1,365,447.02
Total Expenditures 773,792.79
Cash Balances 1,289,554.33
DFL Senate Caucus
Total Receipts 1,636,084.68
Total Expenditures 1,263,638.62
Cash Balances 608,558.80
Republican Senate Caucus
(Senate Victory Fund)
Total Receipts 961,396.26
Total Expenditures 563,473.27
Cash Balances 1,293,220.48