Minnesota Report

Earlier in the legislative session, we discussed with Rep Rod Hamilton (R-22B, Mountain Lake) his enrollment in the Medical Marijuana program and he relayed how he was going to sign up but hadn’t as of yet, because he had moved to a new address and didn’t have a bill to reflect the change. Today, he informed us he had sign up and now he was informed he had lost his ability to retain his Conceal & Carry permit. He said, “I lost my 2nd Amendment Rights.”

His enrollment occurred last Thursday and he was informed of the change in his status sometime later.

Because Marijuana is a Schedule One narcotic it is an illegal substance, because:

Established under the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970, the Controlled Substances Act sets the guidelines for determining the legal medical uses for different classes of drugs. From these guidelines came five distinct drug classifications or schedules that make up the narcotics lists:
Schedule 1 – narcotic drugs with no known acceptable medical use that carry a high abuse potential
Schedule 2 – narcotic drugs that have medical uses but carry a high abuse potential
Schedule 3 – narcotic and non-narcotic drug combinations, such as codeine and aspirin which have a moderate abuse potential
Schedule 4 – narcotic and non-narcotic drug combinations, which have a low abuse potential
Schedule 5 – narcotic and non-narcotic drug combinations, which have a limited abuse potential
Yesterday, Hamilton brought this issue before the Health & Human Services Conference Committee, of which he is a member and we understand the matter is being taken very seriously.
He is quite disturbed by the fact that he can seek medical treatment for his Multiple Sclerosis condition with Medical Marijuana, and in turn because of Minnesota’s acceptance of the Federal Schedule he losses his gun rights.
We have discussed his forthcoming response and he said Minnesota needs to no longer recognize the Federal Schedule and the restoration of his gun rights will also need to be a part of legislative action.
Because Governor Tim Walz (DFL-MN) has said he will sign Martijuana legislation if it reaches his desk, this issue is a perfect storm to address a portion of the legalization question, iwth the Federal Schedule and 2nd Amendment Rights, of which is something Walz is a staunch defender.