Minnesota Report

Whoever in US Senator Amy Klobuchar’s (DFL-MN) political team that though Boom Island to be a good idea for a Presidential Campaign launch platform in early February should be fired. Boom Island is a fine location during the summer to frolic, but in the depth of winter, it is a cold and desolate place. Unless the intent is to make it look like a scene from Fargo. The ground is covered with a white blanket and all of the building are giving off steam.

Granted no one can know the weather weeks in advance, but that is why our winter scenery should be used as a backdrop and not as a feature of an event.

If the weather as predicted is 18° and the precipitation at 50/50 it will be a muted event. If the snow flies, cameras will not have a clear shot. If it is below freezing supporters will pound their gloves together to show their support in a muted fashion. When they make roars support it will be muffled. Unless there are a number of propane heaters disbursed throughout the crowd to keep the audience warm and facilitate a more inviting event.

The campaign swag for this event should be hand warmers or inflatable bangers, that is if they stay inflated in the cold air. Since the St Paul Winter Carnival canceled events during its 10-day festival the Klobuchar campaign had better find a way to turn inclement weather into an advantage.

If this were a Paul Ridgeway organized event, they would pull out all the stops. He would have talked to God for fair weather, or brought in a tent to house everyone. The heat would be brought up so everyone felt warm and comfortable and the venue would be packed with people to make everyone feel like they had attended the most important announcement of their lives.

This will be its first opportunity to show her ability to tackle adversity and remember video footage of this event will be running for the next year. So, if it is a bust it will be something in the front of mind for people who were not even there. Hopefully, this will not be called the Boom Island Bust.