Last week, we published a piece on former Governor Tim Pawlenty’s (R-MN) appeal to Trump-style voters Pawlenty Paints Himself as a Racist with a call for opposition to Congressman Tim Walz’ (D-MN01) call for making Minnesota a sanctuary state. Also, we published a story on the Somali Leaders endorsement of WalzSomali’s for Walz which might explain Pawlenty’s responses. On Sunday, after the Fox 9 report Millions of Dollars in Suitcases Fly Out of MSP But Why? the Tim Pawlenty Campaign put out the following statement which continues the same theme.

Statement from Tim Pawlenty regarding Fox 9 report on tax dollars for childcare programs in Minnesota being diverted to terrorism

Eagan — The following is a statement from Tim Pawlenty:

“Tonight’s Fox 9 report that more than $100 million in taxpayer funds are being diverted from Minnesota childcare programs to overseas terrorists is the latest outrageous example of what happens when politically correct politicians look the other way when it comes to criminal behavior. 

“The legislature should immediately direct the legislative auditor to investigate. The legislative auditor found in a 2016 audit the state provided hundreds of millions in benefits to people who are here illegally or are otherwise not eligible.

“One of my opponents, Tim Walz, wants Minnesota to become a sanctuary state that doesn’t allow local law enforcement to work with federal officials on immigration issues. That’s a crazy and dangerous plan that would make a challenging situation even worse. It’s beyond time to enforce our laws and keep Minnesotans safe.”

Here’s the Fox 9 report: “Millions of dollars in suitcases fly out of MSP, but why?” –

Prepared and paid for by Tim Pawlenty for Governor, P.O. Box 1317, Lakeville, MN 55044.

It is clear, illegal activity within the state assisted childcare program is worth additional scrutiny, but the entire program does not account for $100 million. We think this is a red herring and not the full truth on this issue.

Fact, Somalis are sending money back to family members in Somalia. Fact, some Somalis run childcare businesses and receive payments from people receiving public subsidies. Fact, some people running childcare facilities are bad actors, but this does not extend to the entire Somali Community.