Watching Almanac last week caused and sharp retort when former SEIU President Javier Morillo-Alicea was also introduced as a former member of the Democratic National Committee. Tort Law discusses the removal from office for three reasons Malfeasance, Misfeasance, and Nonfeasance. During his four-year term, we can contend he was guilty of at least one Feasance because he never did the job. He never attended a Democratic National Committee meeting even when it was held in Minneapolis.

Morillo-Alicea has often been in a position of critique over others, we have suffered his rebuke and slurs of character, but to continue to allow people to hold your up as a pillar for something one didn’t do is a blatant discredit to all others who render public service. In the military ranks, those who serve and claim more than they are due are sharply like claiming one was a Navy Seal is met with a quick negative response by the community. Or resume’ padding which is what this is, is a reason for the loss of a job.

Face it’s, liars should be called out when they become known, and not protected because they have friends in high places. What’s worse is he has been known o take pride in his failure to do his duty that the DFL Party delegates entrusted him to do.