When the final results of the DFL Preference Poll were made available at 5:48 Friday evening they didn’t change the narrative in any significant fashion. DFL turnout outpaced Republican by better than three-to-one and Congressman Tim Walz (D-MN01) carried the day with ten points plus over State Auditor Rebecca Otto (DFL-MN). One interesting piece worth noting is the cost/vote. We published a list of the amount spent by each candidacy in their last campaign finance report against the results of the preference poll. Click here to see the results.

Otto carried one single Congressional District MN08 while Walz prevailed in the other seven. This is a similar point Otto raised in her literature piece highlighting her strength of Congressman Rick Nolan (D0MN08) and Governor Mark Dayton (DFL-MN) in this region of the state. By measure, this may prove Walz as having greater statewide appeal and Otto with a regional one when measuring against one another.

Again, the DFL Preference Poll is nothing more than a beauty contest, the results are not binding, meaning they have no effect on the delegate selection at the Senate District of County Unit Conventions, which will decide the delegates to the DFL State Convention in Rochester on June 1-3rd.

But, in this beauty contest Walz gets the crown then Otto is Ms Congeniality, and few would think of Otto as congenial.