US and Minnesota Report

Its a DC vs Marvel question. US Senator Amy Klobuchar’s Presidential fundraising figures are in and they are reasonably respectable for a US Senate campaign, but low in the Presidential expectation game. We are hearing reports that Klobuchar raised $4 million in the 2nd quarter, but it is not yet showing on the Federal Election Commission site. All we see is that she raised $5,233,125.87 in the first quarter, but few mentioned she moved $3,525,000.00 from her US Senate campaign in February.

We are awaiting the actual figures, but the problem for Klobuchar is she is playing it safe. US Senator Kamila Harris (D-CA) stole her on-ramp as the Prosecutor, became she did it better and stage int the first debate. Former Vice-President Joe Biden (D) is hogging two lanes in the moderate zone and she needs a breakaway move.

We have watched Klobuchar throughout her career and her team she assembles is a bunch of political deaf-mutes. We have offered time after time to come to her aid and they never listen, maybe its because they are politically deaf. In spite of having millions of dollars, not one Klobuchar ad has graced these pages neither has Tina Smith’s btw. But we think it’s always best to support your friends and crush your enemies, and not make enemies of your friends.

So here is our freebie, decide to you want to ally with someone already out with you on the campaign trail and be link the Wonder Twins Zan and Jana showing equally your attributes and effectively should what a duo power group looks like or. Assemble the Avengers and state how well each person on the stage with you or in the field with you would fit in a Klobuchar Administration, example Harris would be a great Attorney General compared to William Barr. FYI, you don’t run for these positions you serve at the pleasure of the President. So people could shuck it off, but it is a backhanded compliment none the less, though so unMinnesotan.

Point is Senator, which is what you will be if you fail to listen to some new advice, our number isn’t hard to find. It’s not good to have people talking bad about you in your own backyard.