Minnesota Report

Since before the selection of Tony Lourey DHS head and now Pam Wheelock, “The Fixer”, we have been hearing about tactics being used against the immigrant community who are professionals providing mental health services through ARMHS (Adult Rehab Menial Health Services) being taken to court for incorrect filings and missing paperwork. We have made calls into the department but as of ye hey remain unanswered.

The way we understand this issue, the person who used to help these communities file their paperwork properly and then when no longer there the workload was shuffled around and the auditing kicked in and people were found o be ou of compliance, having been paid for work which was undocumented.

The sad part is when in court they are given a choice plead guilty to a felony and your record can later be expunged. The people in the Attorney General’s Office should be ashamed of themselves and Keith Ellison (DFL-MN) should do something about it, and public accounting should be known.