When Trump Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee US Senator Al Franken (D-MN) was by far the most poignant and effective critic of the nominee. Now, without Franken, we will be left to our Senior Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) to distinguish herself and hopefully provide a solid foundation for the opposition to this nominee District of Columbia Court of Appeals Justice Brett Kavanaugh. This will be the opportunity to elevate her own stature in the eyes of Democrats across the nation especially if she has Presidential aspirations.

Kavanaugh is a Republican Dream candidate, he has all of the bona fides and the solid conservative credentials. He also has a long paper trail and the question is will any of the information he has accumulated be enough for Republicans to grow cold to him?

During her line of questions, because he has two daughters, we believe Klobuchar should ask a question that will embolden her evermore with the pro-choice community. We think she should ask if as a class, are women afforded the protection of privacy in their healthcare decisions.

We will be watching these proceedings and interested in how Klobuchar takes over the limelight now that Franken has left the stage.