Minnesota Report

On January 31, the House proposed a set of legislative deadlines in a Concurrent Resolution and sent them to the Senate.  The resolution accounted for the three traditional dates reflected here: First Deadline March 15th advance in the house of origin, 2nd Deadline March 29th advance in other body and 3rd Deadline pass a finance committee.

Now there are three more legislative hurdles to pass. 4th Deadline May 1st pass finance bills off of floor, 5th Deadline May 6th Set Fiscal Targets, and 6th May 13th Conference Committee reports.

– March 15: Deadline for committees to advance a bill in its house of origin. Major appropriation bills are exempt.

– March 29: Deadline for committees to advance bill or companions of bills that met their first deadline in the other chamber. Major appropriation bills are exempt.

– April 12: Deadline for committees to advance major appropriation and finance bills.

– May 1: Deadline for both chambers to pass major finance bills off the floor and for leaders to set conference committees.

– May 6: Legislative leaders and the governor will set fiscal targets for major finance bills and release them to conference committee chairs.

– May 13: Conference committee chairs will provide reports to their houses of origin.

Originally, this is what the proposed deadlines were.

Committee Deadlines

The 2019 committee deadlines have been tentatively scheduled in House Concurrent Resolution 1 which was adopted by the House but has not yet been adopted by the Senate. The tentative committee deadlines are:

1st deadline – March 15, 2019 at midnight

2nd deadline – March 29, 2019 at midnight

3rd deadline – April 12, 2019 at midnight